4 Ways Apps Are Replacing Websites

People Love The Mobile User Experience

Smartphone apps now make up 50% of the time that Americans spend online. Americans spend This is up from 41% two years ago -- and when you factor in tablet apps, that figure rises to 60%. Native mobile applications deliver the information customers need in personalized workflows, as well as deliver services, products, and entertainment we need. Mobile apps by Odesso offer very complex processes to run a business, yet the customer-facing UX is streamlined and easy to use.

Search Engines Move Mobile

SEO favors mobile apps on Android and iOS. Google has been working to integrate its web of apps into its search algorithm, and is now suggesting you install apps to get content related to your searches. They are even indexing content inside of apps -- where search engines weren't able to find information before. That means if you have an app, you can rank higher in search engines than your competitors who don't have one. From selling products to conent -- Google is more likely to tell someone to download your app if you follow Odesso's App Store Optimization guide.

Instant Apps Are The Future

Android's newest operating system, Nougat, is planning to premiere a new feature called Instant Apps". Instead of downloading an app and saving it to your phone, soon you will be able to use an app like you would visit a website - no downloads, just instant content. This is set to revolutionize mobile e-commerce, because you will be able to offer your customers a native user experience at all time. Since people are more likely to spend money in apps, instead of mobile websites this feature will lead to more total sales for companies that offer apps.

It's Faster, Easier, and More Affordable to Deliver a Mobile Experience

Rather than hiring expensive web or app developers, Odesso makes it more affordable than ever for you to go mobile. Our inexpensive monthly subscription plans. Allows you to deliver a rich workflow, complete with your business's branding, within 48 hours. Odesso hosts your app and maintains it on our secure cloud. By using our automation technology, we are able to scale your mobile app at low rates, letting you instead invest in marketing and growing your business. Odesso is committed to your success and can help you with your business plan and works out special monthly rates. Once Odesso builds your app, you are free to test it and begin onboarding your products, employees, and customer base. If you have any questions about features available through Odesso's automation, email info@odesso.com and describe what your requirements are.